TS4 on sale///



Half off (pretty much) of The Sims 4 here, https://www.g2a.com/weeklysale I still can’t get it but I thought for those who just needed it a little cheaper might be able to snag it up. 

Just need to pay with PayPal I believe. 

Good to know, for those that still need/want to order it!

I did some quick research on these guys (and by quick I mean it was looking at the links on the first page of a Google search) because I would pay that much for TS4.

They are selling CD keys for the game. The good news about it is that it’s a global key (in the order summery it says “ORIGIN CD-KEY PREORDER GLOBAL”), so at least it’s a good indication you won’t be stuck with language you don’t understand. Also, they use PayPal which is good since you don’t have to risk giving your credit card information to them.

Judging from what I’ve read they are legit as far as yes, you will get a CD-key for your payment, and hopefully one that hasn’t already been used. (I’ve seen a few comments by people with this problem. One person said they contacted G2A about it and received a new CD-key for the game they bought it for.)

What concerns me personally is they’re selling the keys without the actual game (I know it isn’t uncommon) and the fact that it was mentioned they aren’t an authorized seller, so if you buy it through them know that there is some risk. I don’t think it’s a huge risk judging from what I read, but it’s best if you be the judge for yourself. It’s always good to be at least a bit prudent.

Here’s two links I read most of the information from (the rest were rating sites):

Angry Joe Show

Diablo Forum

If anyone wants to add or correct me please do! I’ve never bought just the CD-Keys before, so I feel like I’m on the fence here. I just kinda wanted to put this out there for anyone in the same position as I am.